Saturday, February 27, 2021

On Toothing

 If you are also a mommy, you are probably familiar with that "wiggle, wiggle, is it ready?" tooth song of Cocomelon. When my kids watched it for the first time, my 6 year old son was worried when I told him that he eventually lose his tooth like the boy in Cocomelon. He actually cried and asked me, "Pwede pag 7 (years old) na lang ako?" I had to say "okay" just so he will stop crying.

My kids and I brush our teeth together just so I can check if they're doing it right. Sometimes, my son would say that his tooth was wiggling but when I check, it isn't. Today after lunch, he again said that his tooth was wiggling. It wasn't but there's a budding tooth behind it!


I sent the photo to the hubby who said his teeth were like that and his baby tooth should be pulled by a dentist. Yegads. I'm scared of going to the dentist nowadays because hello, aerosols. However, I do need a trip to the dentist myself. Wish us luck! #

Thursday, February 25, 2021

On Fittonias

Since I titled this blog “Plantita Mom”, it should probably have plant posts, right? Way before everyone started buying (or hoarding) plants, I had a mild interest in growing plants. We have a terrace which gets adequate morning sun so I dabbled in buying plants. However, most plants used to die on me. I managed to kill cacti and euphorbia plants (which are basically cacti also). 

When the pandemic started, my MIL was with us. She has a great green thumb and had a vast garden in the province. I knew she was bored in our tiny unit so I started buying plants, pots, seeds, and soil so she could start sprucing up our balcony. And she did! 

This was our balcony in June 2020:

 Of the (numerous) plants I bought, I was drawn to fittonias because I read they were diva-like: they hate the direct sun, they wilt when thirsty, and perk up when watered. They also have dark green leaves that have white, pink or red veins running through them. I was curious, and I was challenged to keep them alive.

 This was the very first fittonia I bought. I think it was around P650.00. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

On Korean Dramas

 I am so late to the Korean drama (Kdramas) frenzy. I was in law school when Koreanovelas first appeared in GMA. The Tagalized shows did not appeal to me. Some of my classmates would buy DVDs in nearby Quiapo but with the amount of reading we did in law school, I said I no longer wanted to read subtitles in my spare time. I did buy and watch "Love Story in Harvard" then but only because one of the characters went to Harvard Law School.

When I signed up to Netflix, I binge-watched the American series I failed to watch when I was younger - Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Friends, and Modern Family. It was during the start of ECQ that I ran out of American series that I clicked on my first Kdrama - Descendants of the Sun. The leads were so good-looking that they even ended up together in real life but then divorced. The story was also interesting even if it seemed incredible at times.

So I started clicking on the Kdramas on Netflix. Here are some that I finished:

Reply 1997 - this was set at the same time that I was finishing high school so I could relate to their growing up angst and puppy love crushes.


Friday, January 29, 2021

On Turning 40

 I turned 40 at the beginning of the year. I consider it as a sort of blessing (for lack of a better word) that the lockdown occurred early last year that I have not yet even begun thinking planning for my 40th birthday. I don’t usually celebrate my birthdays in a grand way, since it’s so close to New Year’s, we just lump my birthday feast with New Year’s Day lunch or dinner. I just thought though that turning 40 entailed a grand celebration, but Covid-19 shot all plans to hell.

Whereas I usually celebrated with family and friends, this year’s celebration was much much more quiet because we were unable to go home to the province. We’ve also chosen not to meet up with friends for the meantime. So we just had lunch with my SIL and nephew, sans yayas who were on extended Christmas vacation (buti pa sila).

 One thing about being older is better spending power. I gifted myself with a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Saleya bag. It’s my first one. When hubby asked me what I wanted, I forwarded to him a photo of a Louis Vuitton monogram Victorine wallet. He bought it and even added an Alma BB bag (surprise Neverfull sana but he saw my Saleya and I said I don’t like bags without zippers). From zero LVs to three real quick kung kelan nowhere to go and scary to sanitize luxury items LOL. I really want to use them though because YOLO but still researching how to safely sanitize them.

 Downside naman is that I get tired more easily. I don’t take the elevator to my 4th floor office and I am out of breath when I arrive - or it could be due to the face shield and mask combo. I get lower back aches from time to time that I really miss our weekly home service massages, sob.

 One of my wishes is that Covid be gone really soon so I can relish how life begins at 40. #


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Welcome to the 90s

 Who else remembers the blogs of the late 90s and early 2000s? The chatty ones with no niche and the bloggers hiding behind screen names? I used to spend hours reading those blogs, and I even kept a few of such blogs of my own.

Now it's all about Facebook and Instagram posts, Youtube vlogs, and broadcasting one's identity. Nothing wrong with that, except that I can't do that. 

Recently, I stumbled upon this blog started in 2011 but the blogger still writes like it's the 90s - she writes about her day, her travels, about everything and nothing. So chatty and no-holds barred, I love it. I'm going through her blog until the beginning LOL.

It made me miss the way I used to blog. Even if I wasn't sure that anyone was reading, but it felt good to release thoughts and words to the Universe. Also, I find myself going through my own old blogs and enjoy reading them.

 So here's to another new blog. How long I can keep it up, I have no idea. #