Sunday, September 12, 2021

Keep Going ;

 The -ber months have started but we are still getting a lot of rain. One of the upsides to WFH is that I don't have to brave the rains, the commute, and worrying if I will get stranded near the office. 

I would've loved it if my plants can bathe under the rain but our balcony is so protected that even the plants near the railings don't get wet unless it's really really windy. I've been controlling myself not to water the plants when it's not sunny otherwise they will get root rot.

Happy to report that the flowering plants are still a-blooming despite the gloom.

I bought a packet of rocket arugula seeds and it says on the cover that they germinate fast. I scattered them on soil the other day and here they are. Surprised that it was THAT fast.

I love how these plants seem to tell us to keep going ;;; #

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

State of the Balcony update

I recently did a mini-clean up of my plants in the balcony because hubby has been complaining that I have too much plants *sob*. While my ampalaya plant has been growing with lush leaves, it was not producing fruits anymore so I decided to uproot it. I might do the same to the okra plant which is barely living which means I no longer have vegetable plants. 

I've decided that I will just get flowering plants instead. I ordered a dwarf kalachuchi plant and a small sampaguita plant. The kalachuchi arrived with one flower and while it is still alive, it has not bloomed again. Yikes.

I was a tad worried if the sampaguita will survive because the balcony only gets maybe two hours of direct morning sun. It is still alive though and has bloomed several flowers that I pluck, smell, and place in our tiny altar.

Before the monsoon rains, my trailing plants had a blast growing and showing off. I've made cuttings and propagated them.

I also bought African turtle vine which are the ones hanging from the railing and I shall photo them up close some other time. I think they stopped growing when it was raining all the time. They like the sun too much.

Finally, here's a bonus shot of the sitting area with the solar lights I bought from Lazada. 😀




Grade One

 Here's a mom post for the mom part of "plantitamom". 😁

My firstborn officially started Grade One yesterday. Actually, school started last Wednesday but it was all orientation stuff. His new school is using Google Classroom and we have to familiarize ourselves with it because in Kinder last year we used Zoom and Seesaw. We also have to adjust with waking up early (6:15 A.M.) and of course the Mommy has to wake up early also. I've been accompanying him so far to teach him how to click links as they switch through classrooms.

I am so relieved that I am done studying but also feel bad for my son because frankly, virtual classes for someone so young, sucks (for lack of a better word). School is 50% interacting with friends and even frenemies and he is so missing out on it. He only had a year of face to face school before the pandemic happened. I feel more sorry for my 2-year old daughter, one time we went out and it was raining hard so I carried her and used an umbrella. She started crying so hard like she was really frightened - I realized it was her first time to be out in a downpour under an umbrella. 😔

Anyway, P has a really small class as there are only 10 of them. So far the "real" classes we've had are Music and PE. I can see that the teachers also find it difficult to get the kids' attention especially when they all start talking at the same time. At least in a classroom there's that special teacher look that can make kids go quiet just. like. that.

I was a total nerd growing up and graduated with honors. That said though, I will really really REALLY  try not to go all Tiger Mom mode on my kids. They're free to discover where or what they're good at. My only prayer is that they don't flunk out, to get a college degree, and have a job that would give them a comfortable life. Whoa, thinking so far when we've only just begun with Grade One. LOL.  #

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Lantana Flowers

Remember the lantana flowers I got two to three weeks ago that I repotted? Sometime last week I saw the tiny flowers falling off so I was kinda worried they were going to die. But I also noticed new buds so I sort of held my breath.

So happy to see new flowers this morning:

Meanwhile, the pompoms and sunflower are both in the ICU. Gah. You win some, you lose some. #

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Pink Super Moon


 I love pink things. I know that the pink supermoon won't be literally pink, but I was tickled pink (pun intended) when I looked up and saw a big moon with a pinkish hue.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

New Flowers

Yesterday was my hubby and I’s wedding anniversary and he said that he forgot to order a bouquet. I replied that I want to go to Mindanao Avenue Garden Center to buy flowering plants na lang.

We went this morning after running a couple of errands. It was our first time to go. We noticed that there was a line of cars going inside the place and my hubby started complaining. 🙄 The center has several stalls but the path for cars is so narrow it was one-way. When we left we had to back up the car. I had to be quick. 


I was looking for plants that I can put in my vacant plant boxes. I already have a lantana and it is easy to care for and flowers easily. I bought six pots.

I used to have a pompom plant which died so I bought one. I also liked the dwarf sunflower. It was not my intention to buy mostly yellow flowers but they look so cheery so there. My haul was 400 pesos for eight plants without pots.

I was planning to re-pot them tomorrow morning but I got excited na.


Please please please don’t die on me. 🙏🏻 #

Friday, April 16, 2021

Painting with the Kids

 When the lockdown started last year, my son suddenly developed high-grade fever followed by intense coughing. COVID tests were really scarce then and we were scared to go to a hospital. We gave him paracetamol every 4 hours but the fever kept coming back. We had no choice but to bring him to the ER where he was diagnosed with acute respiratory infection and sent home to continue meds. When he and hubby arrived home, he had watery poop. His former pedia said to treat him as if he had COVID. We had no yaya then and my senior citizen MIL was helping us out so we had to send her to my SIL's house so she won't catch what my son had. I became mommy, yaya, cook, lavandera and cleaning lady for 2 weeks so I didn't have the luxury of bingeing on Netflix, decluttering, or taking up a new hobby like the rest. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life and while we never found it if it was COVID, I am now grateful that we managed to survive it.

Alas, we are back on lockdown and mercifully, none of my kids are sick. I finally have the time and mental head space to open the big box of crafts my friend sent my kids last Christmas pa. We discovered that my kids like to paint. Well, more of my daughter, who has appropriated a big box of crayons and markers supposedly gifted to her brother.

Here are my son's works: